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By Frederic Mrugala, D.D.S.
December 20, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Choose the right dental treatment to get the smile results you want.

Cosmetic dentistry is an art, so you want a dentist that can provide you with the tailored treatment you need for the perfect results. Here in Westmont and Hickory Hills, IL, our dentist, Dr. Frederic Mrugala, prides himself on listening to the needs of his patients and providing cosmetic dentistry that makes patients feel confident and happy with their smiles. Here are three of the most popular cosmetic dentistry options available at our office:

Teeth Whitening

If you've been noticing that years of drinking coffee have left your teeth a little yellow and stained, then our cosmetic dentist can help you get your smile back on track with professional teeth whitening.

In-office whitening and our at-home system are both customized to your needs. In-office whitening can get some smiles up to five shades (or more) whiter in just one hour at either our Westmont or Hickory Hills office. If you have an important occasion or event coming up, you may want to consider our chairside whitening to get the smile you want before the big day.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a simple, non-invasive and quick way to repair minor imperfections, from small amounts of decay to chips, cracks, and gaps between teeth. Bonding uses a tooth-colored material that can be molded and shaped over the imperfection. The resin used is first matched to the color of the tooth before it is applied, shaped, and hardened directly to the tooth using a special curing light.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have more widespread dental imperfections that bonding can’t treat then it’s time to consider more comprehensive cosmetic options. Veneers have become a popular way for patients to be able to get perfect “Hollywood” smiles. If you want teeth that are perfectly shaped, as well as straight and white then these porcelain shells can be bonded to the front of your teeth to hide a wide range of imperfections to give you your permanent dream smile.

Interested? Give Us a Call

If you are looking for a dentist in Westmont or Hickory Hills, IL, that can offer the comprehensive cosmetic dentistry you’re looking for to get a new and improved smile then call one of our two dental practices today to schedule a consultation:

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  • Hickory Hills, IL: 708-598-8363